Brown Hornet Automated Scalping System

“Taking a Sting out of the Market”



The Brown Hornet Scalping System seeks to exploit the 1-minute quick market movement  to capture ticks using a simple systematic approach to trading. It can trade 24/7 excluding holidays.

This system is only traded on the 1-minute time frame, but can used on any chart.  We only trade the YM, ES, NQ, RTY instruments.  Parameters have been set for these pairs for optimized backtested results.

Don't like my parameter settings?    It's fully customizable.

  • You can trade different instrument including Forex.
  • It has a second position option.
  • Determine the amount of daily profit and loss per day.
  • Design your best trading session time and day of the week.
  • You can even use it as an indicator


Brown Hornet in Action

Here is a playback example of the YM in action.  It began at 9:30 am and stopped at 1:45 pm. +11 ticks ($110) in a few hours. Results are not typical.  I could have let it keep going until 1830(6:30 pm).